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About: Supra Drift & Stunt

In Supra Drift & Stunt, you better fasten your seatbelt! This big city is your playground, and there's nothing to stop you from showing off your driving skills. Perform stunts, reach the top speeds, and earn points to show everyone that you're unstoppable behind the steering wheel!

The city looks amazing during the night with all the blinding lights, and the spotlight is on you! The objective of this game is pretty simple and fun! All you have to do is to drive around the streets of the city and perform thrilling stunts to earn points. When you start the game, you can drive around the city with the arrow or the WASD keys. The streets are empty, so you can build up your speed with the F key without any obstacles on your way. From ramps to loops, you'll find various things to perform stunts with! Want to feel like you're in an action movie? Press the G key to slow time while you're about to perform a stunt! Got tired of the color of your car? Why not spice things up with a different color? Use the Y key to cycle through different dye options. You can also customize your top speed limit and other stats from the menu. Enjoy!

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