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One Escape

One Escape

Crimers has been imprisoned in One Escape. Now you must escape from prison! - A lot of levels - Epic boss fight - Strange jailbreak levels - Escape from prison - Your character is crimer - Prisonbreak

Looking for adventure games? So ready for a new adventure? One day, three best friends decided to rob a bank in a risky game. They are ready to rob in robbery games and escape games. But something went wrong and the police showed up in the robbery game. Now they have to protect and get out of sight of police in escape game. Use your brain and win these mind games.
Now these rampage criminals need to be smart and make the most amazing jailbreak in robbery games and escape games. Find your way to freedom while hiding from guards in adventure games and robbery games, you need to search for key cards to open locked doors and avoid dangerous traps in adventure games! The best escape game you will ever play. Ready to be part of the escape game?

How To Play?

Use the "J" key to jump. Press W//D to move around.

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