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Drift Challenge

Drift Challenge

Drift Challenge, is a racing game in which you have to score points by drifting across the track.

A lot of people like drifting because it sounds cool and looks cool even if they've never driven a car, but that's why we have the Drift Challenge.

There are plenty of movies and TV shows about people driving cars hoping to get to the top.

It's usually in the context of winning a race, but just being able to drift consistently is impressive.

That's what makes traveling a challenge, with roads sometimes laid out in a way that encourages drifting.

Try to slide on the track as much as possible to accumulate as many points as possible and reach the target score.

You must cross the finish line before the target time, surpass the target score to unlock new levels.

A super fun and challenging racing game!

How To Play?

Up arrow - Accelerate.

Down arrow - Brake.
Left arrow - Turn left.
Right Arrow - Turn Right.
Spacebar - Start drifting.


Have fun!

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