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Stick Duel Battle is a funny and crazy stickman battle game! You can fight with realistic weapons and physics on many maps. Each different map requires different tactics. Stick Battle Duel can be played with both 1 player and 2 players. The one who reaches 5 score first, wins the game.

The battle rages on between the stickmen and the confrontations will be more intense than ever in the game Stick Duel Battle. Control your character as best you can, try to hit your opponent to drop their health bar to zero and win the round. At the start of the match, and randomly during the game, weapons will fall from the sky ! Hurry to recover them because their power will often give you decisive advantage in battle. If you run out of ammo then your fists will be the best weapon for dealing damage to your enemy in melee combat. The first player who manages to win 5 rounds wins the game. The arenas will be varied and will all feature platforms and landforms that can be used to cover yourself or gain strategic advantage over your enemy.

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