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Extreme Delivery

Extreme Delivery

Extreme Delivery is a simulation game and exciting driving genre in which players will take on the role of a special delivery driver. The objective of the game is to complete the delivery missions that are difficult and require high driving skills.

In the game, you will be equipped with a variety of special delivery vehicles such as trucks, motorbikes, or even planes and ships. You will face different challenges such as rough terrain, bad weather, congested traffic and even dangerous situations.

During the game, you will have to transport various goods such as fresh food, medicine, construction materials or even pets. You need to make sure the goods are delivered to the right place and on time, while overcoming roadblocks and difficulties.

Extreme Delivery game provides an immersive and realistic experience with beautiful graphics and vivid sound. You can challenge and improve your driving skills by completing different levels and achieving high scores.

Get ready to face extreme delivery challenges and become an excellent special delivery driver in Extreme Delivery game!

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