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Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is a simulated rugby game developed by New Star Games. This game has a retro graphic style, giving the feeling of playing a classic video game.

In Retro Bowl, you will take on the role of coach of a rugby team. Your task is to build a strong squad, create tactics and lead your team to victory in matches. You will have to manage the team, select personnel, train players, participate in the transfer market and improve the infrastructure.

The game offers you a variety of game modes, including season mode, challenge mode and free play mode. In the season mode, you will have to compete with other teams to win the championship. In challenge mode you will face tough challenges to test your skills. In free play mode, you can freely experiment and implement your own strategies.

How To Play?

Retro Bowl character control keys include:

Movement: Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move the character on the field.

Run: Use the Space key or the Ctrl key to run with the player with the ball.

Throw the ball: Use the A or Z key to throw the ball to a player who doesn't have the ball.

Pass the ball: Use the S key or the X key to pass the ball to another player.

Defensive: Use the D key or the C key to perform defensive actions such as blocking the throw or interfering with the pass.

Change players: Use the Tab key to switch between players on the field.

Acceleration: Use the Shift key to increase the player's movement speed.

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