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Highway racer 3D

Highway racer 3D

Highway Racer 3D is an exciting and dramatic racing game, where players will experience the feeling of speed and challenge on highways.

In the game, players will have the opportunity to drive powerful cars and participate in intense races with other opponents.

Players will have to overtake other cars, avoid obstacles and maintain high speed to reach first place.

In addition, the game also provides players with a variety of vehicles to choose from and upgrade, from high-speed cars to powerful off-road vehicles.

Highway Racer 3D is a perfect game for those who love speed and want to challenge themselves in tough races on highways.

How To Play?

Choose your vehicle: Pick from a range of customizable cars with different performance attributes.

Select game mode: Opt for Classic, Endless, Time Trial, or Police Chase based on your preference.

Customize controls: Adjust steering, acceleration, and braking settings for optimal gameplay.

Master the tracks: Learn each environment’s unique layout, challenges, and shortcuts for better performance.

Avoid obstacles: Dodge traffic, barriers, and other hindrances to maintain speed and avoid crashes.

WASD key to move the car.

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