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LEGEND GTR CARS 6 different drift tracks ! 19 most wanted realistic drift car models.. Stunning graphics, Wide range of unique sports cars, realistic driving experience, real drift skills.SINGLEPLAYER- Make best drift drive and finish level. get best score - Get access to 19 sports cars and new tracks;DRIFT-RACING SIMULATORSGet ready to experience the most unique drifting thrill. Drifting has never been as fun, exciting and intense.

GTR Drift Legend is an online 3D game and 96% of 7 players like the game. Drifting has never been so fun, exciting and intense! GTR Drift Legend is undoubtedly a shocking legendary car journey. In the game, you will have the opportunity to experience 6 different drift tracks and 19 realistic car models. At the same time, the game has amazing graphics. You can show real drifting skills! You can choose from three different perspectives: driver perspective, rear perspective, and basic perspective. Your task is to get the highest score, and get the right to use.

How To Play?

Car Move: "ARROW KEYS" , "W,A,S,D" Pause: "Escape"HandBrake: "Space"Change Camera: "C"Gear Shit Up: "Left Shift"Gear Shit Down: "Left Control"N Gear: "N"Boost/Nos: "F"Slow Motion: "G"Lookback: "B"Indicator hazard: "Z"Low Beam Headlights: "L"High Beam Headlights: "K"Start /Stop Engine Key: “I”Indicator Left: “Q”Indicator Left: “E”Record: “R”Playback: “P”

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