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If you are a fan of classic racing video games, this game will totally catch your attention! Finish the race first and become the best player of this classic game!

Nothing feels better than reaching the finish first and winning the race! This game allows you to feel the emotion of becoming the champion of the world race! Use your reaction and ability to predict the moves of your opponents!

What’s Inside?
A classic retro race game experience
A full version of the game for free
No internet connection required
A beautifully drawn time-killer game
Train your reaction skills

Build your strategy to reach the finish line! Feel the atmosphere of the old-school racing tracks and enjoy the atmosphere of classic videogames! Earn money with every race, customize your car and choose a new racing track!

Good luck and enjoy the ride!

How To Play?

Play using the arrowkeys. Activate turbo boost by holding down the ‘C’ key.

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