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Ev io is an intense multiplayer io game set in a robotic and machinery Sci-Fi world. You as a protagonist, you have to control a deadly and courageous warrior and attempt to shoot and kill your enemies with your updated and latest weapons. Collect and upgrade your weapons so it will increase your damage capacity and can kill enemies and can save yourself. Enjoy this realistic environment and explore this deadly world and become a pro warrior. Your damage or kill will increases which in turn allows you to dish out more death and destruction.

There are various science-fiction inspired levels in Ev.io. Use the futuristic architecture tactically to your advantage. Double and triple jump to reach high places and surprise your opponents with an attack from above.

There’s a range of arms in Ev.io. You have three possible default weapons. See below on how to change your default weapons. When you’re in the game, there are guns scattered around the map at specific points. There are sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and other guns to give you an advantage.

How To Play?

WASD to move. Right-click to aim. Right click to zoom. Space to jump. T for melee. G for grenade. (All hotkeys can be changed/configured in settings.

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